Severe Hail & Wind Storm in College Station & Brazos Valley Leaves Behind Extensive Damage

Severe Hail & Wind Storm Hits College Station & Brazos Valley

Severe Hail & Wind Storm Hits                      College Station& Brazos Valley

On Sunday, March 18th, a severe storm descended on Brazos Valley, dropping baseball- and grapefruit-sized hail as winds raged at speeds up to 80 miles per hour (mph).  Our hail claim lawyer team is already helping property and business owners get the compensation due to them under their policies on a contingency fee basis.

Reports of the damage caused by the storm continue to mount. These reports detail extensive damage and widespread impacts, including (but not limited to):

  • Property damage, like broken windows and roof damage – In some cases, this building damage resulted from harsh winds hurling trees at and onto homes, businesses and other buildings.
  • Road closures, including the closure of Texas State Highway 6 – This highway remained closed as the storm passed through the area.

At this time, it is not clear if the storm also brought tornados with it. What is clear, however, is that many property and business owners in the Brazos Valley:

  • Have likely experienced some damage from Sunday’s serious storm and are still picking up the pieces
  • May be preparing to file a storm damage claim for the compensation they need to restore their damaged property.

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We welcome your calls and emails whenever you are ready for helpful legal advice regarding a windstorm and/or hail damage claim. Until then, the following shares some general, yet essential, tips for filing storm damage claims.

6 Important Tips for Filing Storm & Hail Damage Claims

  1. Take pictures of the damage – When possible, use reference points to help clarify the extent of the damage. These can include other objects in the picture (like a golf ball or baseball), as well as pre-damage photos of the property.
  2. Save pieces of damaged items when possible – This can include pieces of roof shingles, damaged carpet, etc.
  3. Mitigate additional damage whenever possible – This can involve boarding up broken windows, placing tarps over damaged property or taking any action will that prevent property from becoming more damaged.
  4. Report the damage to your insurance company – A property inspection may be scheduled at this time for an adjuster to evaluate the damage.
  5. Save everything – This includes all documents related to your losses, as well as anything the insurance company sends you regarding your policy and/or claim.
  6. Contact the Amaro Law Firm – With previous experience in insurance defense, we know how insurance companies can try to undercut, delay and deny valid storm and hail damage claims, and we are exceptionally skilled at combatting these tactics to help our clients secure the recoveries they deserve.

A Hail Damage Claim Lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm Is Ready to Help You: Contact Us

A hail damage claim lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm can help you successfully navigate the claims process.

Call (877) 892-2797, text (281) 612-8024 or email our firm for your FREE consultation and essential advice regarding your potential claim. We represent property owners, business owners, contractors, public adjusters and others in commercial and residential windstorm and hail damage claims.

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